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discolor on the SNES... anyone get this too

i was doing the project over game concoles, and i barrowed a friends and it was like a weird yello/green/pale and like it looks all weird. then wyatt said he's is sorta doing that too, anyone know how to help this, or has it happened to anyone else?


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it's just how the plastic ages. alot of it could be from heat issues, from being ontop of tv's, tucked away in tv stands, sunlight, and the different composites in the plastic breaking down with age.
my nes is too, but i wasn't talkign about that one, well like i said tho the snes isn't mine, but mine didn't do that quite yet, but if i still had mine i'd wouldn't of made this, but i find it odd to be many different colors...


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Well...the whole thing isnt discolored. The middle part when the game goes into is normal and the rest of the system is all discolored.

edit: here is something to look at choady boner ( aka Cody Bogner):p http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&q=discolored+snes

edit 2: here is somethin from one of the sites in the search

The discoloration is actually caused by a chemical that nintendo used in treating the plastic of the casing of the SNES system. The chemical has an oxidation reaction with the air during time, causing the plastic to turn a yellowish hue. It was not present in all batches of systems, i think only in the newer ones.

edit 3: i read more on the site and a few said its the older ones that make the color. Which makes more sense too me but o well its figured out now :)


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Mine is discolored. The whole thing has turned yellow, but the part where the cartridge does in is still grey. The weird thing is that it has never been in sunlight. It has been in a dark area on my entertainment center.

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