Disable Power Saving for monitor in Fedora Core 3


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Hi all...

I want my Fedora to stop switching my monitor off after a while. I want it just to sit on that pretty log on screen forever, without going into powersaving mode, or switching on screensaver.

I also dont want the monitor to go into power saving when I'm in console, without GUI.

Anyway to do that?


Not sure if this will help, but if no one has a software solution try disabling power saving in Bios.

Fedora might be able to access the hardware directly in which case using the Bios won't help.


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If I remember correctly, the power saving options are grouped with the screensaver options. Look under Preferences>Screensaver>Advanced.

Edit: Yeah, that's where it should be:

Power Management Enabled - Select this option to enable power management of your monitor. Power management can reduce energy consumption by your monitor when you are not using the monitor.

Standby After - Specify how long to wait to put the monitor in standby mode. When the monitor is in standby mode, the screen is black.

Suspend After - Specify how long to wait to put the monitor in power-saving mode.

Off After - Specify how long to wait to switch off monitor.