i have a problem with my directx i dont know how too uninstall it ive tried to look for an uninstaller but i cant seem to find one that ive installed directx 0 lol at least thats what it says ive tried to install many different dx8.1 but it doesnt work nothing changes.when i test my 3d with dx8 tool i get this error
Direct3D test results: Failure at step 5 (GetDeviceCaps): HRESULT = 0x8876086a (3D not available)
plz help me out.
Direct X 8.1 comes with XP and is not downloadable. The version that you need to download is Direct X 8.1 for Win2k and it should just overwrite and repair. However, it sounds like you need to update your GeForce 2 drivers .If your card is nvidia,the latest xp certified version is 21.83 which can be downloaded from the nvidia web site.Also be very careful using directx uninstall tools as i havent found any yet that are totally 100% safe and you could end up in a right mess.I am using the detonator xp drivers for my geforce 2 nvidia card and they work like a dream.
i did that i dl the dx8.1eng for win2k still got the error on the test with dxdiag(dx8 interfaces)Direct3D test results: Failure at step 5 (GetDeviceCaps): HRESULT = 0x8876086a (3D not available)
if tried both detonator xp drivers 21,83 and 23.11 i dont get it.
There are some compatibility problems with AMD Athlon and Nvidia Geforce2 cards.Try this website and it should help.There are loads of useful tweaks on it and it just may help.

Have a go at reinstalling directx8.1 and then go into Safe Mode and uninstall your detonater drivers and reinstall them still in while you are still in Safe Mode.

Also have you installed the nvidia refresh rate fix?
xp only sets your refresh rate at 60fps and this allows you to set it to your monitors maximum and improves performance.
Here it is if you havent got it and it just needs unzipping and installing etc.
i disabled direct 3d and he abled it again and the majority probs r solved lol.(in dx diag) but thx anyway for the help m8 rtcw is still slow maybe its my ram thats not enough most ppl i know use 512mb ram.ill try that and see what happens.dont know if my unreal tournament prob is solved cause it happens on occasion.
sometimes it chrashed to desktop some times it just froze not everyting just for me i mean i couldnt move or type but the rest of the game still went on lol.hmm strange
Glad to hear your problems are almost solved. One thing you might want to try which might solve your game problems. I was having the same problem with some games crashing back to the desktop aswell. Nvidia latest drivers all have problems with stability in XP . I have installed the Win2k 12.41 Detonator 3 drivers and they are completely compatible and still certified as long as you don't overwrite the nv4_disp.dll and the nv4_mini.sys files when installing. When you install the file it comes up with 2 boxes asking if you want to keep the newer file on those 2 and if you say yes it just installs the rest of the drivers and works perfectly. There is no visible difference to the graphics. Incidentally I am playing RTCW and Unreal at the moment with these drivers and have no problems at all .Your 256 ram should be enough to run almost any games of today.Did you install the refresh rate fix cos that improves performance aswell.
Heres the nvidia drivers if you want to try them.
Also another important thing is to shutdown any programs running in the background such as antivirus etc cos they impede the performance of your games.
A lot of people are having problems whit the geforce 2 mx...
and I am one of them...
I had exactly the same I formated the shit and installed win98 se coz I just had to play some new games...

but, since I found this, I'll try it out and hopefully it will work for me...I'm getting tired of bluescreens and ugly looking win98 :)

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