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DirectX10 & Games


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K well Vista = DirectX10 right?

I was checking settings within Guild Wars and it says its using DirectX9.

Does a game need to support it for it to be used, or is there something wrong?


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Yes, the game has to support it. Halo 2 will be dx10, Crysis also should have dx10 shaders in use.

You can still play dx8 and 9 games in Vista without issues though (or you shouldn't have issues._


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I wasn't saying I was having issues, or expected I was going too. I just thought for what ever reason that all games installed in Vista would be using 10. Good to know.
best bet at the moment is to install the latest DX9 runtime on vista. It works (atleast 32bit) without issue. While DX10 will wrap dx9 calls some applications and games require dx9 files to be present.


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Yeah no DX10 games out at the moment, but like anything else the hardware is backwards compatible so you can play DX9 games without problems :)


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Crysis doesn't just 'should use shaders', Crysis IS DirectX 10! :p

Also, where a lot of games are failing because of no runtime existing probably has nothing to do with the fact that DX10 can't emulate DX9 and more that they are hard-coded to look for as specific DLL which doesn't exist.


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Just remember that you need certain DX9 files sometimes in various DX9 games even if you have DX10 installed.

I'm just carrying on the rolling gag :)


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I heard that you need certain DX9 files sometimes in various DX9 games even if you have DX10 installed.

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