DirectX 9.0L will not be a DirectX 10 for Windows XP


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25 Jan 2003
You're making the assumption that the game will still run if you make ANY attempt to disable the ad's or spyware.

Bad assumption. In the demo people are turning off the infomercials at the beginning and the game decides it has been hacked and will not play on line. I suspect EA will have the "proper operation" of their advertising tied to the game functioning. At least for online play.

PS I live with ad's in IE and Mozilla and Eudora because they are free. BF 2142 is $50. I've been dying to get my hands on 2142 for 6 months. With the game play problems I've had and the spyware issue I think I will skip buying this one. KMA EA.

And back on thread. If I HAVE to buy VISTA AND new Video hardware to play DX 10 based new games that will be the end of my 8 years of online gaming. These forced upgrades have become obscenely offensive to anyone who works for a living.

You can expect the next round of MS antitrust and class action suits to start coming out next summer. Dump your MS stock before hand.

And really diverging... With ATI and AMD in bed and Nvidia and Intel headed that way we will probably end up with 2 new incompatible gaming consoles disguised as PC's.


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16 Feb 2003
EA already has advertising in its games. NFS Most Wanted comes to mind. Burger King, Axe, Cingular are all featured in the game in one form or another. I see nothing wrong with it unless it becomes annoying (like advertising on some web sites).

Advertisements on a billboard in a game is one thing, using data mining and usage tracking to deliver ads is a whole other ballpark.


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5 Apr 2002
I didn't read the article, I thought that's what you and others were discussing. Sorry.


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3 Feb 2002
EA is going to go ahead with it because the average joe will not give a crap about being tracked.

Hehe, EA are even starting to sell cheat codes for games on the 360. For Tiger Woods on the 360 you can pay $4.99 per cheat.


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7 Oct 2004
They are all getting so greedy, greed just leads to more piracy, and why not when they are charging so much for games, i remember when i started playing pc games back in 96 that i could pick up a new game and they cost about 20 pounds stirling, by 2001 they on average where about 30 pounds stirling, not sure what they are noe cause i live in the US, but here don't expect to pay anything less than $50 per games, thats BS to me....

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