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DirectX 9.0 End-user Runtime


Extinction Agenda
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Its not beta. You could simply go to Microsofts direct x site and see this. Just create a restore point before installation if your worried.


The Source
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its installed alrdy and working great, thx for your help, out of beta good good,

humm, y it aint of windows update yah noe??
There is supposed to be some kind of conflict between DirectX 9 and Windows Messenger 4.7
Basically, Windows Messenger crashes as soon as you load it.

It happens on only certain computers/setups, and mine seemed to be one of them :(
Microsoft says they will be releasing a fix soon (as per their newsgroups).

I'll wait and watch till then ... DX9 is useless to a TNT2 anyways :p


Beware the G-Man
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Well, installed and runnin. So far so good... I think :huh: We will see. :)

I don't use Messenger, sooo not worried 'bout that but if they post a patch I will install it.

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