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Directory is corrupted and unreadable


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Apparently a directory has been corrupted in WinXP, I'm running NTFS file system and I've tried scandisk(error checking) twice and it has not resolved the problem.

My problem is that this particular folder is very important and although I have 2 week old backup.. well.. it's 2 weeks of work I have to do over :(

Does anyone know a fix? a tool? anything? hehe, I'm sorta desperate.



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There are file recovery applications, but I think you have to pay for the ones I know of.

The better option is to try and recover the files through DOS. I had a friend with the same problem do it earlier this year and he was able to recover most everything. You just need to get into the directory, and copy the files into another directory that isn't corrupted. If you need help with DOS commands, there are a thousand websites that will help you with the basics... so once again, Google will be a good resource for that. :)

DOS Commands


Questions R me
Thanks a bunch guys!! I'll try out the pcinspector link and if that dosen't work.. I'll go to good old dos :) (I can't believe I didn't think of that)


Questions R me
Well neither actually helped, even in dos(using the xcopy command) it says the directory is corrupted - I can't access it either in dos.

The tools located on PCinspector can access the directory, but it's empty :(


Questions R me
Ok, I yield. I need to get back to working and my latest backup is from the 20th. I was able to recreate some files, but all the text were gibberish - so that didn't help much.. But thanks for the advice!!

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Do you have another system that the drive can be set in as slave and let that system try to repair the file system then see if you can access the files.

I have had this happen twice and recovered the files by installing the drive in my other system. nothing would repair the disc in the orignal machine to give access to the files.

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