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Director & Flash

I need to make this presentation for college and i have a problem when i import swf files into director. Ive never had this problem b4 :S. In flash i set the frame rate of th emovie to 25 fps in director i do that as well, and it still seems very slow. I dont know why this happens if anyone does can u please help me ?


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Did you set the framerate to 25 fps in Flash? You need to do that methinks; otherwise, you'll be stuck at 12 fps or whatever the default framerate is in Flash.

i did, i said i did, so i did that in director as well, i set properties of the movie to 20fps and it still is weird and slow i dont know wtf is going on
could just be the processor - there are massive framerate drops if the cpu has trouble doing this or that - that would explain the set framerates yet the obviously below-par actual speed

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