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direct3d problems..........



I dont know if anyone else has this problem, but for some reason direct3d applications on games stutter like crazy, im using a geforce2 mx pci card, and tried all the latest drivers, and direct 9, anyone else have this problem?


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stutter? What do you mean? My friend has the same card as you, he tweaks it like there is no tomorrow but never has he stutted. try uninstalling the device than reinstalling the device (phyically and on windows)
what OS are you using? What are your spec? (mhz, ram, etc)


I had a similar problem a year or so ago. I fixed it by increasing the AGP aperture rate in the BIOS to 256 (some motherboards are maxed at 128). I recommend using the greatest one. People say to set it to half your RAM amount, but even when I used 128Mb RAM, I set the aperture rate to 256. Setting it to 128 or 64 made it stutter still :(

edit: apologies - I just read it was a PCI graphics card so AGP aperture rate wont affect it *DOH!*

I'll leave the above info incase people with AGP cards get the similar problem :)

Have you tried the graphics card in a different PCI slot? Do you still have onboard graphics enabled?

What specs have you got? CPU, RAM, O/S etc.

I have ran a gf2mx 64mb pci on an AMD K6/2 500MHz, 192Mb RAM and it sucked so badly (12fps on q3)... I upgraded to a 566 celeron (66Mhz only lol) and it runs like a dream now (90fps on q3)


ok, i'll try and answer all the questions i can, im using a celeron 700mz, 256 ram, asus tuni motherboard. I have disabled the onboard sis 630, i have set my apeture to 16, disabled video shadowing, use the latest riva tuner, tried various detonators and drivers. I have moved my pci card, made no difference. I'm using windows xp professional.I havent been able to run any 3d mark apps as it crashes half way through.

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