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Direct2Drive Opinons


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Has anyone used this service before? I am reading there FAQ but they don't say much from customer side. The main thing I want to know is if there is away to get the download and get the box sent in mail at the same time. And I am looking for comments besides the crazy prices, yea I know they suck. There is some good with this type of delivery.

Anyone here used them, are they trustworthy?
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American Zombie

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Online only so I assume no box or CD/DVD.

Will I be sent a cdrom for my purchase?

Digital Retail is online distribution only. It is the convenience of getting your Title right now, without the cost of shipping and waiting to receive it.
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Yes Zombie, I know I can find lots of reviews. It who you trust on those reviews. lol

Thought I'd ask the people I listen to most of the time.


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I guess no one has opinions about it? lol

I am not sure if I should buy from there or not.. Is there another place like D2D?


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Well I ended up signing up for Direct2Drive and bought the game.

I am not sure how long the download took, I started at 11:00PM and it was still going when went to bed around 12:30PM. So it could of took all night, or 3 to 4 hours, in that part I don't know. After that, the installation went fine and everything seems to work great. Now the price of course is really not good, its the exact same price (minus tax) of the game I can get at the store localy. Yet I wanted to try this and get it right away.

The next game I get from there I will have to watch the whole download process and see how good there download speeds are. Just thought maybe someone here would like to know how it went. The only thing I couldn't find in the support (because its a seperate account, stupid) is if they are shutdown/go out of business will I get copies of all my games, that I don't know. I will have to ask around.

Anyways, thanks for the help lol.

*edit, so I have downloaded another game from there, and some patches and they for sure have INSANE slow connection speeds. I don't know how Steam (Valve) does it but D2D don't know how to do it as well. Saying that, I still enjoy the service and in the future they will most likely be big.
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