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Direct X And Keyboard


Evertime i go to play a game b4 it even loads it minimizes to the taskbar, and the only way to get it bk is ctrl alt and delete clikcon the game an clikc switch, however i miss out all the movies b4 hand. i ran the dxdiag, and it says "u cancled the test by pressin a key....which i didnt....the keyboard has the standard microsoft ps/2 drivers in, i have uninstalled them an put them bk in and i have tried 4 different keyboards in but...again same problem...also i went onto msconfig and disabled everything starting up....again the same problem, the only time the games dont minimize is after 3 restarts of the computer? it always works on the 3rd time......What going on?

Pls Help

i rember i had that probelem a long time ago but it was time for a format and when i did that then it was gone but that is a little harsh, check if there is a prog in the background that is set for always on top or something like that
Someone Has To Read It Sooner or Later Also , i discovered one more thing i dont have 2 restart 3 times, just turn it off once an put it bk on....also., u know wen u goto shut ur comp down after about 6 hrs of uptime wen u clikc turnoff does ur comp just restart sometimes....mine does an i dont know if its related.....

Help Us.............PLEASE?
the switch thing you told about doesnt work on my pc. I never have the problem of shutdown and restart youre talking bout. And the turn off and back on doesnt work on my pc. So its worse here at my pc. Im totally unable to play any games except for solitaire :(

Wow That is bad, @least i can play games after a shut down.
My comps gettin rebooted in jan/feb 4 my geforce fx ultra, so i can stick it out till then, im just curious tho incase it happens again.
yeah me too. I will format soon cause me windows is running slow as hell, so i hope that will solve this weird problem. And i can play my games at the comp of my brother, but i want them to play on my pc :(
One thing tho, i had this problem b4 i rebooted the comp and again after the format.... i think mines cause of crappy keyboard drviers i put in with my new keyboard so with the comp formatted i aint puttin them bk in again.

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