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Direct X 9 link...

I have had to resort to moving the file onto a different server...
you people managed to kill about 48 gig data transfer in about 18 hrs... (found someother sites which leached it though :rolleyes: )

anywayz - new link is: http://netuse.verio-uk.com/xp/[XP-erience.org]DirectX9.rar

have unlimited data transfer here... abuse it as you will :)


Electronic Punk

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The web installer is now available from those fine folks that have offered to become my ISP (bwhahwhah) so you can get it from the frontpage... less than 8 megs, downloading it myself now for some bizarre reason.

BT booted me for abuse. Saying why don't you switch to broadband instead, and they know damn well they won't do it in this area because they won't make enough cash.

And while I am ranting what the hell are Blockbuster and WB doing? Training day is not out to rent due to some stupid littl boycott.

Why do American's get larger coke cans? Ours are too small.

Why does that fat ugly bird form Emerdale host You've been framed? I don't wanna see that! Jeremy Beadle was bad enough and there are only so many times you can watch a cat falling in an aqwuarium and find it funny.

Ok, I'm done.. for now!

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