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7 Jan 2004
I have been using my original single LNB dish for years and want to move up to the triple LNB dish for more programming. Will I have to run different coax? Or 3 seperate coax from the dish? How do the 3 LNB's feed into the single input on my receiver? Or will I have to get a new receiver?
If the cable in your house is RG-6 coax cable, it's fine to use with a satellite system. If your cable is not RG-6 coax (RG-59 is more typical), you will need to run new cable. It is important that you use RG-6 cable due to the high frequency of the digital satellite signals.

The best way to get a correct answer Just call your provider and ask a tech
The LNBF has a switch inside it that decides which port needs what satellite as you change channels. The DirecTV triple LNBFs feed up to four receivers. I'm not all that sure how DirecTV legacy equipment works with the new LNBFs, but I've seen switches and I'm pretty sure you should be able to use the receiver you have, assuming it already handles MPEG-2 compression.
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To answer the original question, you will need three RG-6 runs coming off the dish.
I'm fairly certain you should just need one per receiver; the switching is performed at the LNBF.
OK, thanks. Can we still keep this going for more info? LNBF-is that a designation for the new dish?
Low-noise blocking feedhorn--it's the piece on the end of the dish, covered by a white piece of plastic so dust doesn't get in. The feedhorn collects the signal and "feeds" it into the rest of the system.
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