direct link to WindowsUpdate

I don't like clicking, so I hate to click the "Scan for updates" link on the Windows Update site. I want that automated. When I look at the target of the link, it only links to a Javascript. Does anyone know the direct link to the Scan-engine?


Have you tried clicking customise (on lower left) part of the main windowsupdate site, you have to click the scan, then once its done the customise option is available I think you might be able to change it that way.
No, it didn't work. I don't see an option in the left-hand pane, even when I click the Scan For Updates link. I tried all options, but none had the desired effect.
My first thought was because I'm using the English version of XP with the Dutch language settings (in IE6), I am automatically redirected to the Dutch site. I found a way to bypass this, so it is displaying the English version now. But no option for a direct link. So it is no language problem, it happens in both languages.
Thanks for the replies, though.


if you go into your control panel and look at the automatic updates tag, i believe you can tell your computer to automatically download and install and updates.