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direct connect


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i just got direct connect and im having a hard time finding good hubs...any place where i can get a good list of them? (i already tried the public search in the actual program)

thx, Apu


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I've used DC for a couple of years and have never found a hub list somewhere online... doesn't mean there isn't one though. I do know that the public list is not nearly all of the hubs, so refresh it often if you aren't finding a good hub. And I would suggest that you share 40+ gigs if you have a big drive. If you don't actually have the files, it would probably be worth it to get random junk from Kazaa so that you can connect to a good hub. Once you're connected, you can replace the junk with good stuff. :happy:


Caffeine-->Code Converter
in what folder do i actually place this .config file? i tried placing it in all folders which contained .config files but nothing happened...

thx, Apu

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