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Hey peepz, after the whole virus thing with KaZaA I was looking for another download program and i found that Winmx was quit good, the versions 3.1 and 3.2 were very very good but when i had to update to 3.21 and 3.22 suddenly the program used all of my cpu and it became so slow, maybe anyone can help me with that? Now i found another programme called Direct Connect, i heard from a friend it is very good but i still can't figure out how 2 use it, can any1 help??????


I don't know the method by heart cause i deinstalled it long time ago (i use Kazaa lite, spyware-free) but i'll do best explaning it to you. Retreive the server list with one of the button on the top of the screen. Then connect to a server but be carefull, some server (most of them in fact) have restrictions like having 20gig or more shared, having a minimum of X movies and so... Once connected, it's like any other p2p programs, you search for a file and double click to download.

Check the help file for more infos

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