Dilemma with Upgrade


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Alright Ladies and Gents; I said I wouldn't be back again about this damn subject, but I am!


Dilemma: Buy an FX-55 (which has gone back up in price!), Neo2 plat, 6800Ultra, NeoPower 480watt and keep my ram (Cas 2.5 PC2700 Corsair value select series) (And be in debt for about 2 weeks)

OR: Buy possibly a 3800+/4000+, a 6800 GT, Neo2 and a true power psu 430w and some random amazing RAM to go with? and possibly not be raped by money.

Views/Comments/Insults - all taken.

Answers on a postcard!

Thanks a lot guys


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Damn, not you again ;)

"possibly a 3800+/4000+, a 6800 GT, Neo2 and a true power psu 430w" what part of this kick ass system is unacceptable to your need?

Never buy the top end of anything. In 6 months it is out of date and worth only 50 cents on the dollar paid. Add in that there are new processors and new video upgrades coming soon and the price drop is even more likely.

Or my favorite plan B. If what you have now works keep on waiting, prices generally spiral down in PC land.


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buy 3500+ winchester core and whatever else you can get for what you can afford... if you must...

nvidia may not be upgrading its current lineup much, if at all this year so keep that in mind...


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Sazar said:
nvidia may not be upgrading its current lineup much, if at all this year so keep that in mind...
Meaning graphics aren't gonna come down much in price? I'll bear that in mind. But which is worth it; lower processor with better ram or would my RAM do with the fx-55?

the FX is a waste of money imo.

the only difference is an extra 512kb cahce and one would hope it is flawless silicon inside.

You're better off with a 3500+ 90nm core on the noe2 plat with a 6800GT and ballistix ram from crucial :) Atleast thats what I'm aiming at :)


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Thing is, this is it. I can't afford to get one now and upgrade again in a while; Preferably gotta last uni (or at least 2-3 years)

The unlockable multipliers on the fx55 surely would mean i could at least OC it better when it becomes crap


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Back to my previous question. What are you doing you feel will make any of the systems discussed above too slow in 2-3 years?

The only answer I can see to that is gaming. And gaming performance is going to be driven mostly by the video card. These days that means going to a PCI express setup if you want true growth potential. Up'ing to a new MB, Proc, and PCI express video card is damn expensive right now. So why bother? Wait for the new technology to follow the price decline curves and for there to be a lot more selection in 64 BIT MBs.

Who knows. Intel and M$ may get their heads out of their BUTTS long enough to get real (x86) 64 BIT computing on the street. That could force AMD into dropping their current high end prices to something reasonable.

As for this years video options. Gigabyte just threw a frag into the works with their single board SLI solution. Dual GPU's are going to try and make a comeback again. That could get interesting and cost effective.

Single socket Dual processor designs are coming on fast in the CPU world too. That will put downward pressure on this years top end single CPU designs.


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I've waited.. months, trying to save enough to chase technology.. when's the point to buy? When new technology comes down and the old stuff is reduced?

By the time i can afford a 2nd decent graphics card, the first won't be any good (yeah I'm talking gaming)

I didn't think SLi or PCI-E was worth looking into. Ok, Ok, Ok.

I need to buy Mobo/PSU/CPU/Graphics/possibly RAM (current ram is corsair V.S. pc2700)

With £1100

What would you buy? Future proof, bling factor - the likes.

you need to learn to make you'r own decisions.

but here is the decison you need to make right now:

Stop woryying about being absolute bleeding edge, unelss you're name is bill gates youwont ever be.

Buy an anthlon 64 3500+ winchester, msi k8n neo2 platinum, 1024mb crucial ballistix ram, 6800GT 256MB.

Be happy.


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F U L L O U T is for suckers. Buy a system for 2000 today and have it worth 1500 in 3 months and 1000 in 6 months. Bad financial planning. It's what the scum sucking bottom feeders in marketing want you to do. That's why they get to drive Porche's and Jag's. By making you spend 50% more for 10% more performance.


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Moonwraith said:
and some random amazing RAM to go with?
Thanks a lot guys
:laugh: :p :cheeky:

hehe. ;)

Getting a 480W PSU is adviseable just in case you need it for 2 HD + 2 optical drives... as well as nForce4 boards that have PCI-e.


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True, the Ultra prices aren't bad though (300 excl vat). Processor, I'll think about that one then - but RAM is quite a neccessity; Crucial Ballistix?

(Yeah, I know - n00b but, kinda kills my ideas of the "amazing system" .. and yes, I'm a consumer whore)


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if you want to be future proof the main thing you will upgrade will be the processor and graphics card. If you want to upgrade your graphics card in two years it will be really hard to buy an agp card near the top of the line cause by then I think they will be pci express. Also socket 939 isn't going anywhere so you should be fine with that for upgrading. Other than that the memory really won't be an issue cause ddr and ddr2 are neck and neck and the only thing you would have to do with upgrading memory would be to buy more and get faster ddr400 or higher ddr.

If I were you I would buy an nforce4 without sli, get a pciexpress card, get the 3500+ winchester and you would be in good shape for a long time to come


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Moonwraith said:
You're the cause of this ram thing heh
You should think of it this way... If you're going to splash out of a top-of-the-range cpu, you might as well add the ram to it. You don't want to be buying something like a ferarri but have thin tyres on it. :yowch:


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The other side of it would be to get something that's best value for money... and as already mentioned many times here.. the 3500+ cpu. apparently this model is in short supply everywhere... not sure if thats true or not.


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Yes it is, currently typing from a 3500+ system (mates). Took ages to get. I might look at the 3800+ (is the 4000+ worth it for the double l2 cache?)

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