for sale, with hosting, CMS & free design

Discussion in 'Garage Sale' started by forcer, Feb 4, 2004.

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    1GB Disk Space
    Unmetered Bandwidth**
    Sub, Parked, Addon Domains etc...
    FTP Uploading
    Email Accounts/Forwarders, Filters, Auto Responders etc...
    CPanel 8.5.3-STABLE 3
    Linux Servers

    The current digitalbreeze design comes with a fully integrated CMS* supporting all scripting including php parsing. If the purchaser is not interested in this design i will create a whole new design to your specifications at no extra cost but will post more to create a CMS* for the site.


    basically... i have had this account for over a year from a mate of mine who is a reseller over at host ultra and i have decided to part with it. so before i go ahead and cancel this account i am putting it here for any1 to take over.

    Even though this comes as a package i will part with the design, domain, hosting as seperate.

    If anyone is interested let me know in email or reply here and we can discuss it further and pricing.

    UNMETERED BANDWIDTH** = this does not mean unlimitd bandwidth, it just means you will never reach a limit and get the message "bandwidth limit exceeded" but there are limits, the reseller will complain if ALOT of GB's are used