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Digital Pictures By Members - Post Them Here



Seems that some members have digital cameras. If you want ppl can post them here and share with everyone else. Just please adhere to forum guidelines and keep the images 1024 x 768 or less. Ideas could be such as around the town or your room, rig or whatever you would like to show.... NO NOT THAT YOU PERVERTS !! :D
j/k... lets see those pics


. . . . . . . . .
One of three ferrets. :) Will have the rest of the album online as soon as I get my site finished. In the meantime, here's another scaled-down photo.
Ferrets. Are they playful? Do they chew?

Can I post pictures within the thread or should I link?

A logo for my site in development...decided to tinker with it just so ever slightly, and a dull railing and some snow turned into something different :eek:


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I'm very afraid [e]-Punk :eek:

Nick, Ferrets are very playful. They love to find things, espeically of value, and hide them. They love to burrow, especially in furniture :p
Aww! Seriously, that's overly cute. Find and hide stuff, and burrow into furniture? :happy:

Ahh, too cute, get it away from me...

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