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Digital Graphics Portfolios

I have free time. A massively large, unthinkably great deal of it. While wasting some of that time surfing the magical thing that is Internet, I came across some sites that I hadn't in a while, and the led an hour long, unfruitful search for similar sites. What I'm looking for are online portfolios of web design professionals/companies, who have galleries of photography, digital artwork, "normal" artwork, flash, short films, etc, OR singular art-like flash movies/interactive goodies.

some of my favorite examples:

PixelRanger, and all of the other sites that he has put together

Douglas Arthur

Amanita Design, and especially his interactive work Samorost

The Phone

Theory 7

Anyone out there in magical intarweb land know of any other groovy portfolios and/or projects?
Aince I was drooling over all of these other sites, I figured it was time for me to rebuild my own mini-site-type-situation, and the idea for the design I had been playing with since sophomore year in highschool (thanks be to my bio teacher, who made her class boring enough for me to have time to plan out things like this)...

NerdUprising v3


OSNN Senior Addict
Very nice portfolios here, I have problems just even coming to terms with making one site, let along having numerous projects going on at the same time. Great work :)

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