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digital cameras


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my wife and i are looking to buy a digital still and video camera. we heard that it is best to buy 2 instead of an all in one. can anyone recommend a site where i can read reviews of cameras or does anyone have any suggestions as to what we should buy?

When looking into digital cameras, plan on getting something at least 3.2MP or above. Optical zoom is another very important factor. Try to get the highest you can within your budget, since digital zoom is little to no good, really. Most cameras will end up pixelating the pictures if you use digital zoom beyond a certain threshold.
ok im the king when it comes to camera/ camcorder needs so stop searching and just fill me in on exactly waht u need it for!
if you get a 2 in 1 like that samsung then the picture quality obviously won't be as good as a stand alone but if you absolutely need a 2 in 1 it looks like a decent choice and by the way this samsung camcorder didn't do hot in reviews (poor low lighting conditions)

i need u to tell me...
how much zoom u need ( aroudn 10X optical or maybe 18X)?
which is more important (video quality or picture quality)?
do u need a camcorder with good low light capabilities?
do u need lots of manual features?
whats ur budget?

oh and plz don't wast ur money at bestbuy if ur geting the samsung. u save 150 by using this great trusted online site...


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picture quality is more important. i don't care much about the features except for low light capabilities. my friend told me something about ccd, that i should get at least 3ccd? my wife and i want this because we are planning to have a baby.

i am willing to get 2 different cameras if that is better but i want to keep it under $1000.

i wouldn't buy it from bestbuy.

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