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Hi, Is anyone up to date on digital cameras, there are two I like but cant
make up my mind,
1st is a Nikon 2100, the 2nd is a Canon A60, the Canon can be had for
£130 UK, and the Nikon a little more expensive about £10, the price is for
the camera alone no bits thrown in.
Any help help would be welcome but it will have to be quick as the the prices rise in two days.
Many thanks.


I use a Canon A60 in my Visual Media class. Personally, I don't care too much for it. But, for the price, it's pretty good.
go with a70 if you can...mucho better. or even the sony p72!!! :) so many choices!!!!!! geez! depends if you are looking for good movie mode or features or w/e! kodak has good quality all around but sucky @ movie mode. canon has good pics but sometimes they are purple fringed *purple outside lines and stuff* and ok movie mode. sony is pretty much solid everywhere - movie, pic quality but its memory sticks are expsensive


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Hopefully you have access to power point. I attached a course I do for my camera club.

Best deal (price/performance) for amateur photographer is the A60.

For the serious amateur price is still up around $1000.

PS Some of the course is out of date. Haven't updated it in couple months.



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Hi, Thank you to all that replied, on the last day of sale the Canon A60 was reduced
to £99.99, and as money was my main consideration I had to go for it, to blue raja I
went to the site you mentioned and the site gave a good review of the Canon A60,
to leejend I dont have access to power point, so cant read your attachment.
The price drop for the canon enabled me to get a bigger storage card and a batt
charger with batts.
Thanks once again for your replies.


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Good decision, Alps. I would say that given image quality, trust in a brand name, and well-built cameras with needed features, Canon and/or Nikon are the only way to go.


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devynal said:
Good decision, Alps. I would say that given image quality, trust in a brand name, and well-built cameras with needed features, Canon and/or Nikon are the only way to go.
yeah I got a Canon S200 and I love it :)


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The missus needed a new digi camera for her trip to New Zealand this month, and as she just wants a good point and shoot, I looked at the Sony '73' and the Nikon Coolpix 3200 - the Nikon won (even tho the Sony has an improved pixel rating).

Hoping she might respond by getting me a new beastie for Xmas, as my old Kodak docking system has seen better days.
That Canon is good for that price bracket. I just found out that Office Depot dropped the price on the Olympus D580 to $174 on clearance. Not a bad 4.0mp camera for that price.
Only problem is is that it uses XD and that usually costs a little more.


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Things that you need in digital.

1) Optical zoom.
2) Higer MP count.
3) Good batteries, or battery.
4) Size.
5) Weight.

I use a canon S230 3.2 MP with only a 2X optical zoom. I love everything about teh camera EXCEPT teh optical zoom. It is small enough to carry everywhere and teh Li-Ion battery last for almost 220 pictures.

Most people make teh mistake of buying a huge camera that can do everything and has five million buttons, but then it weighs a ton and requires it's own bag to carry around. So it gets left at home. My friend Joe has one he got on sale, much better camera than mine. But he doesn't take it anywhere, and it eats batteries.



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I really wouldn't mind owning one of those digital SLR's, the photo quality and optical zoom are just amazing with them. DCResource has some sample pictures of them, in particular Nikon's D70, which is a definite beaut. Shame it costs so much!

I have to admit though, a smaller camera is just as useful at times...although I wouldn't mind owning one of those leica's :D

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I don't know which digital slr camera ports with their old film lenses, but I know there is one company.

the rest have made proprietory ports

that's the digital slr you need to does cost a little more, but if you need both digital and standard, it saves alot over all
Steevo said:
I love everything about teh camera EXCEPT teh optical zoom.
Yeah my Canon S200 only has a 2x optical zoom and that is the only problem I have found with it. If I could get the same camera with more optical zoom I would in a heartbeat because having to get closer to whatever your photographic sucks sometimes.

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