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Digital Camera


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I'm planning a trip to Cuba or Dominican in 1 month... i don't have a Digital Camera and would like to take pictures when i get there... i also don't have much money to spend so I'm curious what everything who knows a decent amount of info can tell me if this camera here is worth getting. I don't know anything about cameras so i don't know how many pics i can fit or what kind of extra memory to get for and how much memory to get..... i will obviously take a lot of pics.... 300-400 depends but you know. Any advice from either Best Buy canada or Futureshop canada websites on cameras. But rember i have a low budget like FREE---> maybe $200

But what do you think of this camera here?


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So anybody can recommend any digital cameras from Futureshop or Bestbuy under $150 for me? And 1 1GB takes good quality pics that can fit about how many???


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If there is any way at all to get this in Canada do so, it is an older model and 6MP, but it has a 10x optical zoom all your other cameras have 3-4x digital zoom. You will also need a high speed card with a high data capacity as this will do bursts of 2-3 shots per second. We bought this right before we went to vacation in Sedona, AZ, the pictures are outright beautiful.

Sorry forgot the link
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Im thinking of getting the Canon Powershot A560 ... my friend tells me its a great camera for the price.... thanks everyone for your help


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Good camera a Kodak???
I didn't say a kodac was good. On the contrary, I think they are junk. I don't like it at all. I went last night and bought the wife a Cannon EOS SLR, Rebel XTi, 10.1 megapixel. It was around 1300.00 with everything we got with it .. It is a great cmera, I like it a lot better .....

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