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digicam video problem


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Wasn't too sure if this is the proper thread for my problem. Basically, after uploading videos taken with my digital camera (Canon Powershot A510) when accessing the folder where the files have been uploaded to, explorer ends up not responding. This never happened before but has recently after the Canon software has been reinstalled. Could it be the files that are the problem or the software? Pictures upload fine.

NOTE: The alert I get says "data execution prevention" and that the problem is with windows explorer. Also noticed once the videos are taken out of the folder and pasted into the desktop, the videos work fine so I'm guessing perhaps it is explorer?


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interesting - never had anything like this. Did you file the error report with M$? Do you get that option? My guess is that somehow the Canon upgrade has indeed messed with explorer, or has it's own error internally which screws explorer. My first call would be to report this to Canon and/or explore their help system....

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