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Differnet Settings for users.

Hi, Can anybody help me here please?My son wants his own 'login' in WinXP Home,I have set up an account without Admin Rights, but it won't let him add software,so, I gave him admin rights and it screwed up ALL my settings!!Is there any way to allow him a different login, and enable him to load games etc, WITHOUT giving him 'admin' rights??.Cheers.:(

Perris Calderon

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well, limited account can install some programs, not all...you might be able to protect the settings that you don't want changed

let us know what settings are getting fujitztied, and maybe we can protect them

also, you might give him two accounts;

one account for installing programs as an administrator, but not to be used...and another account for use.

otherwise, you can just let him install his programs, and then change the rightes of the user to limited untill he needs to install more programs.

juggle this strategy around to suit your needs.

on a side note;

xp uses the pagefile inabundance when switching users...this is where the os strores the user information of the original user, when you switch.

it's very important for users with multiple user accounts to have a large pagefile, and certainly not a pagefile that is trimmed lower then the default.

just a side note, that's all
Admin Rights.

Many Thanks for your reply,trouble is my son also set his own desktop etc, and when I logged in, I had HIS desktop picture!!,and the programmes he installed on his log-in showed up on mine!!So, they were on his 'login' AND mine.Wierd or what!I f I take away his 'admin' rights,AFTER he installs stuff, it still shows up on MY desktop!!Strange.


Try giving him Power user rights. That access would still allow him to install programs, but not as high as admin rights

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