different sig picture everytime u refresh

hey you guys. i have a few penguin icons and i want it in my sig so that everytime u refresh its something different from the last time. so if anyone could tell me how this is done i would appreciate it. and will photobucket work or will i need something more advanced for my web host?


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On a few other forums I have mine so it does - what you need is a random image generator, which you just drop into the directory with the pictures you want in. However, you will need a proper host with php support, and this forum doesn't allow html in sig/avatar (both of which I have on rotating on some other forums).


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you need some webspace which handles PHP, stick this code in a file called index.php and put it in a directory with your sigs, then link to that file in you sig
ob_start( 'ob_gzhandler' );
srand( time() );
$files = array();
if ($dir = @opendir(".")) {
while (($file = readdir($dir)) !== false) {
if ( eregi( '.(jpg|gif)$', $file ) ) {
$files[] = $file;
$file = $files[rand() % sizeof( $files )];

if ( eregi( '.jpg$', $file ) ) {
header( "Content-Type: image/jpeg" );
} else {
header( "Content-Type: image/gif" );
header( "Content-Length: " . filesize( $file ) );
readfile( $file );

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