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Different Mouse Problem



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I have had this weird problem in XP with some games but not all, but more than one. On my laptop running Windows XP Pro
I have a 1200 MHZ PIII-M with 512 megs of RAM and its a intel based mother board with a GeForce2go 32 Megs. A system like this should be able to run a game @ 1024x768 @ 32bit or even @ 16bit. When ever i run a game with those resolutions and both color depths the game runs great dosent stutter or anything but the mouse is slow responding i will move to left or right and their is lag that follows. When i drop to 800x600 it will not have the lag problem. This happens with MOHAA and Serious Sam 1 and 2... My system should not have this problem with 1024x768@16bit !
Its not like my system cant handle these games they run fine the mouse just is sluggish with these preferences... Even tried with game setting off "Quailty" and put "Speed" on. So I figure the USB
dosent have enough voltage (which i doubt) or something is holding my mouse from responding like it should. My Mouse in a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer USB. Would this mouse accelration or sticky mouse have anything to do with this. Please let me know having a LAPTOP this power-full with a 16' Screen is not what it should be play games at 800x600.
Re: did you try this?

Originally posted by Misfire
did you try the compatibility tab?
That is NOT going to fix a laggy mouse!- you also told me to try that with quake 3 locking up on exit- are you a moron!??!

that tab is to get games running period...not to help a mouse problem or to help the game get back to windows! ughHHH!

Ok, PappMastA your problem is probably video drivers- are they of the lastest?- I have a GF2 and I play all my games at 800x600 and some 32bit and others 16bit, and still don't get the greatest of quality! I'm sick of this pc altogether- its shit - I bought it all with my money, and it doesn't even perform that great.....

I'm not sure what to do - to make it better! I'm FED UP!

Yeah, try updating your vid drivers. And also.. what v. of Direct X are you running?

Also, Try getting the latest software for your mouse.

And if it doesnt work, Try removing mouse acceleration in the mouse settings.

What happens when you boost the sensitivity in your game ??




also i remember someone mentioning XP Powertoys in another thread? If you've got them on, uninstall em... see if that helps any. I am pretty sure its the gfx drivers/directx.

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