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Different Memory


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I have two different brand of memory in my computer one pny 256mb 2700 and another i don't know the brand but its also 256mb 2700, they are in a dual memory configuration at the moment, i'm going to buy another 512 x2 256mb from ultra, two questions
1)is it ok to mix memory cards if they are all exactly the same spec (which mine are at the moment)
2) i'm thinking instead of the ultra being a 2700 putting instead the same spec mem but 3200 instead is this ok, as i want a little more speed.

the whole lot will be running in dual mode, both 2700's matching and the 3200's matching.

hope this is clear

thanks a lot


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sorry answered so many posts this has got bumped down so i'm bumping it up hope you don't mind? question above is still relevent though so any help is appreciated.


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well if i am correct the 3200 memory will run at the slower speed. but as long as they are the same spec it's ok.


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Taggert, yest you are correct. if you use sticks of 3200 with your 2700, the 3200 will run at the 2700's speed for dual channel to work. If you want to run all the RAM at 3200, then you'd need to replace the 2700 as well, so you're better off just sticking to 2700's. Besides, even though the speed is slightly less, you still get one major performance boost with it running dual channel than you would running every stick separately.


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i have to say that i haven't really noticed any speed change with dual channel is there a way i can test the mem speed?


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Don't think you'd notice a lot of difference in speed when running to day-to-day applications. You'll probably notice it when you're encoding and playing 3D games.


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ya. if you really want to test it, you could try an app like SiSoft Sandra. that has a memory benchmark tool. not sure if there are others. As ming said, you won't really notice it using day to day apps or stuff like that.


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i was playing Star wars galaxies with the mem in normal mode then i moved them to dual and didn't really see any difference. anyway i'll look at that sandra think thanks.


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no problem. and i'm not sure if it would make all that much of a difference when just playing a game. maybe if you're playing a game, and keep minimizing it to look at somethin like a walkthrough, somethin along those lines. hard to tell exactly what is drastically affected software wise between normal and dual channel.

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