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Difference between XP Home and XP Pro?



I am a music producer who uses PCs for editing audio. I recently purchased a new PC with XP home, and it has been nothing short of a nightmare.

I'm no newbie to PCs- hardware OR software, and I'm having constant lockups with my system that require HARD reboot. I have been convinced it is the audio card driver, but a self-proclaimed expert working in the pro-audio shop is telling me that there is a HUGE difference between XP home and XP Pro, that XP Home is still DOS based and built for backward compatibility with win 98- and that those diffences are causing my problem. I suggested that they are still based on the NT kernal, but he swears that there are no similar problems for people running XP Pro.

Does anyone have any definitive proof that this is indeed true?

I was under the impression that the primary difference was the XP pro has more networking and administrative features... that the "nuts and bolts" of the OS are essentially the same.

What truly ARE the differences beyond the "features" themselves?

I don't want to PAY more money for software (with no return policy) if it will not solve my problem.

The MS site seems to "hint" more of a difference with their more "technical" description of the OS, but it wouldn't surprise me if this is merely "marketing" done to make it sound more "techy"- and to not scare away home users from XP home.



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It should be noted that the MS Knowledgebase articles make NO distinction between XP home and XP Pro, and that if SIGNIFICANT differences indeed existed at the kernal level, this would be a monumental blunder to have such similar names (the ensuing confusion for tech support, data bases, etc...).


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XP Home does NOT have the following:

1) Remote Desktop Server

2) Ability To Log Onto a Win2k/.NET Domain'

3) Some other advanced remote admin features designed for the busienss/enterprise enviroment



Thanks for confirming what I have thought all along...

I did notice this at the MS site:

XP pro is: Built on the new
Windows engine Windows XP Professional is built on the proven code base of
Windows NT® and Windows 2000, which features a 32-bit computing architecture
and a fully protected memory model.


XP home:

Built on new Windows engine With Windows XP Home Edition, Microsoft
has merged the best features of its consumer operating systems with the
power, security, and reliability of the Windows 2000 engine to create a new
friendlier, more dependable operating system.

Is this just marketing hype? "Tech" it all up for the "pros" and "dumb" it down for the home users (so it sounds more simple)?

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I am pretty sure that Home is also built on the same technology, just dumbed down a little, to cheapen the price and produce an alternative for home users.

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I know I shouldn't be saying this as an admin on an XP site, but I have heard macs are much more stable and a better platform for music production, tho I hate macs myself. heh.


I know people with Macs that have just as many problems... there are just fewer owners, hence fewer complaints.


what sound card are you using?

if its the Creative Labs Audigy, you need to get the latest drivers from their site.

if its the Fortessimo card, damn can't remember the model, I had trouble with that card in WinXP, last time I checked there were no WinXp drivers and the Win 2000 drivers didn't work.


I'm using an Echo Mia- it ostensibly does have an XP driver that is WDM- it supports 24 bit audio. I wouldn't touch a SB card- they lock the sample rates.

This audio card has known issues with some Via chipsets, which is why I actively choose this mobo with the 761 chipset (which aint all that, performance-wise). I am about ready to ditch this entire Athlon fiasco and buy another PC with Intel....

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