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Difference between Opteron and AMD 64/ x2


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Reciently i have noticed that the Opteron market has boomed. MOst everyone now owns an opteron. I have heard that this is because they run cooler and are much better overclockers. I am wonder what makes them so much different then the 64's and x2's? Not just in overclock but in everthing>


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Only for the 940 v/s the 939.

The 939 pin opterons use the same socket as regular a64's and x2'.
because opterons work with ecc ram which is used almost exculsivley in mid and high end servers :)

I believe they are not muliplier locked either (though don't hold me to that)


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side question what are the differences between the 64's and the fx's?( i mean the single core fx's) And if im not mistaken isn't there no difference between the fx-60 and the x2 4800+?(other than the unlocked multiplyers and the 200 mhz)
Ok, as stated above, the 940 socket AMDs prefer ECC ram. But the 939 Socket AMD Opterons use Non ECC ram. They work in the same socket as standard AMD64 939 processors. The Opterons pass a couple more tests than regular AMD64s. These tests usually are for heat purposes. Servers generally need cooler processors because they like to keep the heatsinks and fans quiet and smaller. So, this is why the Opterons overclock better. Although, some people have also been able to get the same results with some of the 4X00 series AMDs.

The unlocked multiplier is the only difference with the FX's as opposed to the regular AMDs. The multipliers are unlocked for those "Overclocking" people that like to push a processor some more. I'm one of them.

Hope that helps.


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I run my 4000+ at 2.9ish stable with 1.55vcore running F@H.

The difference is the unlocked multiplier. My core and stepping are the same as a 2.4Ghz Opteron.

There are too many ways to waste money on a high end system, and i didn't unfortunately know everything yet when I got mine. So, in order to make this as clear as possible and as painless as possible.

1) Buy a 4X00 series.
2) Buy DDR500 2GB RAM kit.
3) Get decent cooling, I like my Freezer 64 Pro.
4) A 500W or greater PSU is not overkill, it is better.
They are also $150 extra.
-- Lets see 2.9/2.4 ghz = 20% faster.
-- $702/547 = 28% more expensive.

Not a bad business case to be able to upgrade your system that much assuming you can push the chip as far as Steevo did, which is likely since his was only a 2 gig chip and I used both as 2.4 gig chips for price comparison.


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guys i was looking at this some more and there has to be a difference between the two. the following post is a thread with people talking about the overclocking ability of a Opteron. there are some people at this forum that are getting 3000 mhz(350*9) on a 165(1800 mhz) with stock cooling and stock voltage. these people show proof with the screen shots. there has to be a difference between that and the x2. 1200 mhz is a big oc.

btw. i found out the multiplyiers onthe opterons are not unlocked

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