Dieing Maxtor... Maybe?


I'm Beginning Somehow...
8 Jun 2002
I have a one month old 30 gig maxtor HD.. Today I turned on the computer and ... No more maxtor.. Says " Hard disk failure "... WHAaaaaaaahhh? Can't be. One month? Try as I might I couldn't get it to recognize the 30 gig..... Depressed like all get out, I turned of the power and walked away... :mad: Came back a few hours later and turned it back on..... Whalla!!! Back in business, It all seems fine now... Hmmmm Whats up with that? Is my one month old hard drive on it's last legs?

Edit... D**n.. Oops.. can someone move this to where it belongs... Sorry I wasn't looking where I was... :eek: :eek: :eek:
make sure all the cables are connected properly. sounds like a loose wire connection somewhere. did the drive spin when it was not recognised?
Yes I believe so.. Like I said it's working fine now.. I don't know what th eproblem may have been...hmmmm
Download the manufacturers diagnostics and run it. If there is a problem developing they should identify it and offer to print the results suitable for an RMA.

Also, if the drive supports it make sure SMART diagnostics are turned on in your bios. They monitor internal drive functions and can predict an imminent failure.

Even if the diagnostics say the drive is good back up your data. This was a warning. You never get two of them in life.
Thanks people... I'll try the Smart aware program... And about the Smart diag... You mean ' S.M.A.R.T. ' enabled or disabled in the bios settings? A while back I thought that smart was better off disabled... Hmmm..
SMART just tells the BIOS to read hardware diagnostic information off of the hard disk. Stuff like motor current, part temperatures, etc. If any of that data starts getting worse than it should normally be the BIOS puts out a SMART failure message.

Using RAID should not affect results.

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