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Did SP1 slow down your computer?

I installed XP Pro on my desktop in November 2001 and noticed no sign of performance degradation after I installed SP1.
My laptop came with an OEM XP Home SP1 installation anyways, so that wasn't a concern :)
I had some slowdown when I downloaded it the first time, but it has never slowed down when I installed it off my slipstreamed copy.
Amazing! That's another thing that has sent me in the direction of SP1 (With the other one being seeing if WindowBlinds 4 works with SP1) And which one fixed it anyway? Was it SP1 a?
Yes, actually to the point where i noticed it. Thats why i have sp0 installed, no m$ updates. Pretty soon ill be running linux only since windows irratates me too much sometimes.


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put simply before ya know when ya start up you get the lil bar that goes across on the boot screen.....beofre sp1 it went across 3 times, after sp1 it takes 30+ times going across before it continures. apart from thst it is exactly the same.
no slow downs at all - I noticed a bit of a slower boot when I upgraded sp0 to sp1, but after a reinstall off my slipstream cd, its exactly the same (infact, its more stable than sp0 imo)

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