Did I fry my motherboard? Please help!



Hi all:

Here’s the latest problem. Last night after work I was simply going to put a new PIII Tualatin in one of my five work station machines. I thought that it was the workstation w/ the TUSL2-C mother board in it, but I inadvertently stuck the PIII Tualatin in a CUSL2-C by misstate!!!! I guess I was too tired to notice the difference.

Well, I upgraded the TUSL2-C okay after that mistake but now the workstation with the CUSL2-C is dead. Black screen on bootup. I’ve tried every trick I know to revive this machine. I tried a new PIII processor, I all new components, I jumped the solder point to clear the CMOS but still no bootup. Electrically it seem fine. When I start it up the hard drive powers up all lights come on but still black screen. Oh yah, I tried a different monitor also.

I unplugged all the components and IDE cables, popped out the battery and jumped the solder points. AND LET IT SIT OVER NIGHT. I’ve herd that sometime it may take over night to drain the CMOS.

Does anyone have another ideas????????????????????????????

I hope I did not fry this mother board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know the Tualatin uses less voltage the coppermine so I don’t see how this happened.

Specs: Mother board: CUSL2-C, Win 98SE, PIII coppermine 650, 256 mb CAS2 133 sdram

Thanks in advance,


I would check the cmos battery. I also had the same problem when one of my ram stick wasn't seated properly.
I don't want to worry you, but a few months ago I upgraded my old PII. I bought a new case, new mobo, new ram and a new processor.

I wanted to assemble a new pc with the bits and pieces from my old PII (eg the ram, mobo and proc), but when I tried booting it, the fans would wind up, the lights would light up, but the screen stayed black. Eventually I've geiven up searching after replacing the power supply, the ram, and all the devices. I think is the mobo... fried or damaged by static electricity.

Telling you that becouse the symptom is the same. But it could be somethin else as well, so don't throw everything away just yet :)
Ok I have a few questions for you; when you say you changed all components, you also changed the video card too... right? You have some life in the motherboard because you say the hard drive lights up when you turn the computer on. You also say you have five other workstations and another question is; are any of them compatible with the system you think you fried? If so take the components out of the dead system and place them one by one in the other system to verify that they still work ok (make sure you power down prior to installing and removing components). If after you’ve done all this then you could say the board is probably dead someplace and the only way for you to know for sure is to connect it to a logic analyzer and looked at the binary data bits coming off the chips on the motherboard.
Thanks for the reply.

I ended up replacing the mother board. It was dead!
damn, you shoulda waited.

did you reset your cmos? with a screwdriver?:rolleyes:
lol duh

guess i should get some sleep, that was already covered by you.lololoolol:rolleyes:
ScrewDriver trick

Yup, I shorted the soder points with a screw driver. Thanks

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