did i fry my cpu?


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well about a week ago i got home and put my arctic silver on my cpu and then installed the fan and well i forgot to plug the fan in. the cpu got really hot 77 celcius and i turned off the pc then i took off the fan. it was soo daamn hot. anyways i waited came back then i plugged it in and everything was fine. installed windows over again, then today while playing midnight club 2 online with my cuzin tge joystick just started going haywire, then it just restarted instantly, and then opened windows i checked the temps all fine. then it was acting like a pentium2 taking sooo long for everything. then restarted again, then acted like its suppose to. and restarted again. so is the cpu done? should i buy another one?


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Yikes! 77°C! While the chip should be able to telerate it, I suppose it could have been damaged.

Since the PC still works and you were able to reinstall windows, I think your CPU is ok. If you have Motherbaord Monitor installed, you can set hi-temp alarms. That way if you are playing a game, you'll know if the temps get too high.

You could also try underclocking it to see if it becomes more stable, but it sounds like some sys file got corrupted or something.

My boss's PC restarted by itself one day while on the Internet and screwed up the temp internet files folder. The PC would boot up real slow and anything that required the internet was real slow too. A scandisk (with repair option) found and fixed the issue and now is running fine again. Maybe something like this happened to you?


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yeah i think maybe thats it. well ill give it a try, also um sometimes it says that the cpu didnt post properly the mhz didnt match or somthing


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heres a quick pic i was able to take before it restarted it usualy didnt show this. ohh and also my mobo now is much warmer then it was before. it use to run around 35 celcuis now its around from 44 to 52


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Originally posted by themafia_69
...also um sometimes it says that the cpu didnt post properly the mhz didnt match or somthing
Now that would worry me a little. OS issues are one thing, POST issues are something else.

If you have your CPU unlocked, I would re-lock it and bring everything back to stock and then see how everything works.


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Originally posted by themafia_69
everything is stock and no overclocking, or unlocking
Hmmm, I don't know what to tell you then. If the BIOS is having trouble identifying the CPU, it sounds like either the CPU or mobo is starting to take a dive. Maybe reflash the mobo with the current BIOS again?

You don't have any Arctic Silver on your CPU bridges do you? The capacitive nature of AS may cause troubles like you describe if it got on the bridges.


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If it's an AMD proc. survival with no fan is iffy (except for ASUS MBwith COPS). I had a fan on at a slant and the chip got to 85C but survived. The 77 deg C you saw may be a lot lower than the die temp.

Are you sure the heatsink is on right and the temps you are seeing are correct ?

Next step is to try another proc. if you can get one to try.

It is most likely the processor.


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so would the cpu which isnt working properly make the motherboard a bit hotter than it usually is? and also could it be the cpu even though it took a week for this to result?


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and well the pc does go into windows and loads a couple of things in the system tray and then restarts, also in safe mode but in safe mode no system tray icons.

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