did everyone save up all their daylight?

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24 Jan 2002
cause you can't save anymore of it for a few months, make sure your clocks indicate same
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hmn ... wonder if that's why my poor (xp) laptop had to go into dos mode to perform a DSKCHK ... I know it's time to start shopping for his little brother (a.k.a. replacement) ... but I *so* hate that process.

I'm planning a long afternoon nap today ;)
I woke up at 6:00 this morning, :( my body is on auto pilot.. I do not like this
I had a scare last night with my Exchange Server. The clocks switched over but it stopped communicating over Exchange ActiveSync and OWA. However, I think the problems were related to Update Rollup 5 that was installed an hour beforehand. All is well now.
So I had to work a midnight tonight. 9 hours instead of 8 hours for the lose.
Here in Arizona we are sane. We don't do daylight savings.
Too bad your football team sucks; which hurt my fantasy team.
Here in Arizona we are sane. We don't do daylight savings.

You don't do anything in Arizona. Well except stare into wide open spaces.

Oooo, I see the ground moving in the distance... nope, just a mirage... I see 2 dogs doin the nasty... nope, just a scorpion stickin it to a ground hog. Ooooo, I see a car accident in the distance... nope just a couple of tumble weeds runnin into each other. Maybe I'll count clouds... nope, no clouds. *Waits for night time to count stars* :s


We did ours in the UK a week ago, I woke up early and lost out :rolleyes:
As it should be nation wide for the US, can't believe we still do this stupid pointless thing. :(
I'm surprised there are so many people vehimently oposed to daylight savings, I'm especially surprised those people think their aversion to dayllight strategy should be everyone's aversion

it's far from stupid, it's far from pointless

I personally think it's a great idea, I would much rather the extra daylight in the summer months...I don't want that daylight in the winter time, in the summer time we want daylight as long as possible since there's more productivity in the warm months, in the winter time, since there's only about 12 hours of daylight we really don't want an hour of that to be while we're in sleeping in the morning

I also believe the strategy pays for itself exponentially with added daylight hours of productivity since most of us have to wake the same time regardless of how light it is, the added daylight in before we wake up or leave the house is incredibly unproductive, on the other hand, that sunlight ss quite productive in the summer timee.

but what I really don't understand why the people that are averse to the strategy think everyone else should have that very same aversion...to the point of insulting those that think we should never abandon productive daylight strategy.

if the the strategy were eliminated the country would be less productive as a whole when weighed at the end of an entire year...but worse then that, we would all be awake for less overall daylight.

the strategy was originally used to save fuel but it has quite a bit of added return beyond the fuel savings
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Well, this year it seems to have not done as much good as it has in the past, since from what I heard the savings offered by Daylight Savings time was offset because of the fact at least some folks still ended up using more engery. My grip about it is the havok it causes with tv watching.

As for Az, the only part of the state that I know of that actually's uses it is the Navajo Nation, and I think that is more because it covers parts of 3 states that do use it
If anything IMHO it destroys productivity, and peoples internal clocks. What percent of the population gets good use out of this choas? 1%? :dead:
If anything IMHO it destroys productivity, and peoples internal clocks. What percent of the population gets good use out of this choas? 1%? :dead:

I'm kind of surprised you think one day of adjustment destroys productivity as compared with the gains made throughout the season.

as far as one percent getting use out of the strategy, I'd say about 90 percent

anyone that wakes up in the morning between 6 and 7 to go to work gets use out of it, ...anyone that goes to bed after 6 O'Clock, anyone that doesn't go to bed straight from work

those people, that's more then 1 percent

the real thing here is how adamant the people are that don't like the strategy, as if they are the only opinions that count, and they transfer their aversion to people who get quite a bit of return out of daylight strategy

it's not chaos, I don't know too many people that have chaos because of daylight strategy, there's only one day to adjust, that's it

here's a simple every day example which most people wouldn't even realize benefited from daylight saving time;

most parks out here close at dusk, in the summer we would like to be in parks much longer then in the winter, daylight savings time facilitates that

another example;

I play tennis every night in the summer time, night falls in the longest days between 8:30 and 9:00...lights go on and the park stays open till 10...lights only have to run for one hour or two as opposed to two or three

and here's the last point;

without daylight savings the sun rises about 4;30 or five O'Clock in the summer months, with daylight savings it rises about 5;30 or 6...it's kind of obvious 5;00 daylight serves a very small portion of the population and 6;00 daylight serves a good portion

anyway, this thread was intended to remind everyone to adjust their clocks, time for the thread to retire until we need to do the same in the spring
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