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did any1 buy a HP pc or notebook in july-aug?

hi i need to know if any1 bought a HP pc or laptob between july 6 2003 and august. b/c i want to get rebate on this printer (50 bucks) but i need a thing that shows i bought one of their pC's. can ya help?


I may actually be insane.
It's not that, from what I gather there's a deal where you can get $50 off a printer if you can prove that you bought a HP PC or Laptop... although I would think that anyone who did is going to use their receipt to get their own rebate ;)


Since HP owns Compaq... there are rebates and discounts availible for those who purchased a Laptop or Desktop, but you need to go to where you bought it... In my case I got mine from CompUSA ( never again) and I have been able to find on their site the rebates in *.pdf format so i can download and print them. I just need to make copies or UPC's and reciepts... but the deadline I think is less than a week away. Time to get cracking. :D


did you buy the computer or are you out to deceive... because that wouldnt be allowed here if you're lying about buying a computer and are just after a rebate that is not deserved.


I may actually be insane.
It may not be 100% legitemate, but if there is anyone out there who isn't going to be getting a rebate, I see no harm with them passing on their receipt or whatever so that prodj88 can.
kinda iffy if you ask me - cant blame the guy for trying though...

one thing... downloading leaked software isnt deceiving the company, as its not the final product. Most companies probably leak their own stuff to get feedback through word of mouth - I could probably guarantee theres an MS employee or family member who uses this forum to read up on our opinions on leaked stuff. Same for nvidia with their beta drivers.

Downloading final release software is deceiving the company though.

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