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Diana (movie)


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What can you say about this movie?

Did she really love Prince Charles and was she loved in return? Is Hasnat Khan really the love of her life? When Diana, the Princess of Whales was suddenly taken, the whole world wept. There were a lot of questions left unanswered, friends left behind, and words left unspoken. This documentary, Diana: A Spiritual Legacy, is about communicating with the people’s princess in the other world through the help of Psychics and spiritual mediums. The video includes exclusive interviews with Diana’s closest friends, advisors, and her supposed to be father-in-law, Mohamed al Fayed. Discover her fears, her pain over her marriage with Prince Charles, and her endless quest for true love and world peace. Get to know the people who have influenced her and join her with her quest in finding the spiritual meaning of her life when she was still alive.


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It doesn't have an IMDB profile?!?! Even the made for TV sh1t about ill people gets an IMDB profile! This must be one terrible film...

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