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Dialup Problem with DNS



I just recently installed XP Pro on my girlfriends home PC. installation went well and everything works just fine with one exception:

When trying to access the internet (VIA Dial-up) this is what happens:

The connection is made to her isp, however upon connection XP fails to detect the DNS servers of the isp, I went in to gpedit.msc and under the networking tree all the dns fields are not defined as they are on my cable box.

She has an older model Rockwell dialup modem, the modem troubleshooter does not seem to detect any problems with her setup.

Has anyone encountered this and/or have a fairly painless solution to the problem?
Maybe you are supposed to fill out the DNS yourself? Some ISP:s do it that way. In that case you should fill them in under your TCP/IP settings for the modem.


Open a command prompt and type ipconfig /all... The last entry should be your/her ISP dns servers...

If its not there then call the ISP and ask them what the servers and and enter them manually...

Right click My Network Places on your desktop(?!?) then click properties,,, Right click your/her modem and then properties,,, Highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) then properties,,, At eh bottom Use the following DNS server address: then enter the DNS servers ip address(s)...

I spend way to much time on the computer,,, I recalled this from memory...
Yeah, do what miseryQ said...it's odd that her DNS servers would not be detected, but if all else fails do misery's idea and call the ISP and just set them manually.

or you can use public DNS servers plenty of sites have lists of them and they should work :)

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