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When I am playing Simcity 3000 or Rollercoaster Tycoon, when I come back out of the game I am always disconnected from the internet. It could be as little as 5 mins, but always I am disconnected. Does anyone have this problem, or know a solution?

Using Win XP Pro
ATI Rage 3D LT Pro


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23 Jan 2002
Possible solution....

What is happening is that your internet providor is disconnecting you after a short period of innactivity from you...which means that if your not sending or recieving anything from the net your internet providor thinks your gone and ..boots you (its so you dont tie up the lines)usally after about 5 mins.

A solution is to use a small programme that sends tiny bits of info here and there fooling them into thinking your busy looking at things,a bit more detail is here you can also download the small programme here as well it works well as i had it a while ago before i got cable.....http://www.stayonpro.com/

Its shareware but pm me for more info !!


another solution...

Go into control panel --> network connection and right click on the ISP you use and select properties. Then click the options tab. Under redialing option it says : "Idle time before hanging up:" change this to never. I believe the default was 5 minutes...

Hope this works


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