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Dialogue Box Font oversized

I don't know what happened....suddenly the fonts on my dialogue box has grown up to 2 inches !!
Can someone help me where I could go and adjust it back to normal size ?

American Zombie

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Not sure what you are talking about. If all your fonts are too big you can right-click the desktop > properties > appearance tab

There you will see "fonts" and you can choose either normal, large or extra large fonts.
no....tried everything it won't work. It looks okay with Windows but other applications for example when I'm installing something or even the click "OK" box..the font has gone over the the size of the box ! crazy
Yep !! still there..it works well with normal Windows boxes but not other applications or software but the most annoying is on the 3D objects button...
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Try turning off the Themes service (Start>Run>services.msc under Startup mode choose disabled) and Windows will revert back to the 98 look, restart, then enable it again, restart again and see if that helps
Well. Idid that ...nothing change.Just to give you all some ideas..you know that box when we turn off or restart the pc ? Okay..that word "Turn Off Computer" is beyond normal Windows font size...I never tweaked anything on this PC....
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American Zombie

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Only other thing I can think of would be in accessibility options located in control panel.

Unless you have installed some program that adjusts windows.

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