dial up wont work

When I attempt to launch ie browser icon ,when I did this before it used to launch my dial up ,now it does’nt , anyone have any ideas why it won’t work now?


Well my isp which is freeserve give you a small program a few bytes long which does this for you.

I don't like that and decided to bypass the file.

So I manually configured my dial-up myself.

If you know how to then o.k.

I don't like when I click IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, MSN browser or Phoenix connecting to the net when I click them.

I build websites for myself and currently I am doing Project XC

for a project for an organistation which I will run.

So i have to have every available browser to make sure it look o.k. in every browser I can or others use.

If you have to dial-up manually that's gotta be better thn clicking browser just to do it.

Other suggestions are, go to a restore point if you use that and roll back to before it went wrong, or use Goback for same purpose.

All I can suggest after re-reading is as long as you are on the net don't worry about it.

Last thing you need is to stress yourself over a minor hitch.

Try going to control panel>>internet options>>then always dial default connection that might cure it.

Be sexy leevoy:)))))


open IE click Tools > Internet Options > Connections tab and you should see under dial up and vpn connections your dial up session make sure it is set as Default. Then below that make sure you have a dot next to where it says Always Dial My Default Connection. Click ok and then close the browser. Reopen IE and it should prompt to dial.

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