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Dial-Up trouble. No data Xfer



Since installing XP, recently, I've had trouble surfing the web. After being online for awhile (the legnth varies), all data transfer ceases: new pages stop loading, downloads end, etc. The connection to the net, however, DOES remain intact.
I've reviewed several similar posts, on this and other forums, to try and remedy this issue. I have yet to make any headway though. So far I have tried the following :

- Tried several "Maximum Port Speed" settings.
- Used both IE 6.0 & Mozilla .
- Deleted Cookies & Temp. Internet files (Not the folders).
- Installed Ad-Aware & removed all spyware.
- Connected a laptop to the same phone line and surfed trouble-free, ruling out ISP issues.

CPU usage never goes above 20%. Is this good or bad ?
Could the "Privacy Settings" (currently set to medium) be part of the problem ?
I'm not aware of any proxy server requirements from my ISP. I never needed to set any up, on the same machine, before th XP install.
No Anti-Virus programs are currently installed.
The XP firewall is disabled. Should it be removed completely, if so how ?
System info : 750Mhz AMD Processor
256Meg RAM
US Robotics 56k FaxModem WIN 1806

Forgive my rambling. I hope I've provided enough info. & that someone has a solution.
Any help would be appreciated.



Graphic Designer
All setting on your pc are just fine except privacy and security levels . Try to "play" with them . You cannot totally remove XP firewall and processor utilisation really doesn't matter ..


Run an anti-virus... u could very well have a virus.

Just to be sure go see if there is a proxy setting. If there is then it only helps to streamline ur browsing cause ur using a copy existing in ur ISP already rather than downloading from the site.

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