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Dial-Up Problem with Extra!

I rebuilt my system this past weekend in order to eliminate Windows ME (dual-boot configuration) and the partition it was on.
I've reinstalled all of the software that was running under XP and have encountered a problem. I also implemented NTFS while I was at it.

I have an ISP account that works just fine. If I launch Outlook Express, Netscape, Quicken, Norton's LiveUpdate, etc., the Dial-Up dialog comes up so I can enter my id and password.

I use Extra! version 6.4 for NT (TN3270) to get into work thru a second ISP connection (work only lets Internet traffic in if it originates from a SafeWord server). Since the re-install, the Dial-Up dialog is not opened when I launch Extra!. Prior to this past weekend, launching Extra! opened the Dial-Up dialog. Extra! works just fine if I manually establish the connection (either before or after launching Extra!).

Also, I cut/pasted all of the dialog boxes for both connections (including Internet Options, Outlook Express Accounts and Options, etc.) into a Word document prior to starting this project. All of the above settings have been set to be the same as the settings that were there before the re-install.

Any ideas?


xp m0nk3y
congrats on removing WinMe...it's the spawn of the devils loins.


as for your problem connecting have you taken a look at the settings in that Extra program you use.?

Yes, I have checked the settings in Extra! and researched the Help file. I can't find anything that looks like it may help. Last night I un & re-installed Extra!, at the recommendadtion of a friend, and still have the problem.

Also, almost all of the settings for Extra! are stored in a logon profile - the file extension is .edp (Extra! creates a separate profile for every connection you define). I am using the same .edp profile as I was using before the rebuild of the system (this is also the same profile that is on my PC at work).

This is more of an annoyance than a problem. I may end up just having to live with it.

Thanks, I appreciate your input.


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