Dial-Up problem is killing me



After installing XP all was well for a month or so. The problem I have now (I'm not sure when/why it started) is once I disconnect from my ISP and try to reconnect I am unable to reach any remote servers or dns anything or do anything online without rebooting first. This has me rebooting everytime my dial-up dies in order to reconnect, which isn't very fun.. Any help would be appreciated.

I've tried with the firewall, and without. Currently I have the XP Firewall disabled and ZoneAlarm (Current XP Version) running, however I've tried disabling that as well and it didn't help.
Dial up problem

I suggest you to remove

1- Remote access to your ISP
2- modem driver

and then
1- re-install remote acces to your ISP
é- Re-install your modem driver...

I am affraid some files are broken in these to program..

ZA is more than likely not the cause, you may want to set the internet security to low before disabling it.
This is the same problem I've had over two complete clean format and installs of Win XP Pro. I have even tried a different modem in case of a driver problem.

Mine fails to reconnect after between 4 and nearly 5 days of uptime. I am connected to the net 24/7 so cannot be sure it being a general system uptime or a connection time.

Doing a 'route print' at cmd seems to show the previous dialup connection hasn't fully closed, leaving the gateway incorrect or some such, i'm not technical enough to make entire sense of it. I can happily paste one when it is working and when broken tho.

A friend suggested a 'netsh i r a' might help, it didn't however. Its worth noting tho that if a connection to a differnt ISP is attempted it IS successful, however a connection to even a copy of the original DUN fails.

Does anyone have any ideas, rebooting every 4days 20ish Hrs is really getting on my tits ;)

I know of one other person who is suffering this also, his problem occurs after around 1day tho. I can't find a reference to it on m$ knowledge base, can anyone else ?

Still haven't figured it out

Yep, I'm still having the problem and nothing anyone has suggested, or I've thought of has worked yet..

I really hate it because I am rebooting 4 - 5 times a day.

Please offer any suggestions you might have because this sucks.

Oh yes, this sucks.
does yours dial to the net then on any reconnection fail ?

mine works for 4 to almost 5days before it fails. redialing and connecting many times before seemingly hitting some kinda prob at around 4days 20hrs

Very very odd, 2 modems, 2 clean installs, it has to be summat in windows XP itself, I tried leaving XP pretty much clean for a few days b4 reinstalling all my usual crap. It still happened.

Basicly my computer is good for 1-3 sucessful dialup attempts before it needs a reboot in order to succesfully dial-up again.

Once the problem (whatever in the hell it is) occurs, my computer will still dial and connect to my isp, however, I will be completely blocked off from sending or receiving any packets (it seems) because nothing works, and I am forced to reboot.

Maybe the 4d20h problem you are having is a sign from the mighty cannabis gods.. Donno..
>Once the problem (whatever in the hell it is) occurs, my >computer will still dial and connect to my isp, however, I will be >completely blocked off from sending or receiving any packets (it >seems) because nothing works, and I am forced to reboot.

yeps thats the same, it just sits there connected quite happily, but with nothing able to connect to anything. no web, no ftp, no irc... as you say, reboot is needed atm. I'm suffering at every few days, I'd be ripping my hair out if it was every day or more freq. than that

Some1 out there must have an idea, or at least the skill to extract some info from m$ knowledge base where I failed :/
I had same problem about a month ago.
The only solution that worked for me was to completely uninstall Zone Alarm. Am now using Tiny Personal Firewall and have experienced no further problems
Cheers for the info. Zonealarm is what the other chap is using, and its about the only prog I automatically put back on a clean install when I tried it that. So it does appear to be a common denominator.

I've just 30mins ago upgraded to ZA3, so I may give it a few days and see what occurs. Perhaps Richter would be in a position to completely uninstall it and report, while I see if ZA3 has relived the problem, only thing is it takes me around 4days 20hrs for the issue to arise. Perhaps Richter would on consideration like to try za3 as well ;)

Thanks again for that input, lets hope it pays off.

Heh, I didn't even know there was a new version of Zone Alarm released..

I'm installing zone alarm 3 now and I should be able to tell if it has helped at all within 1 day, and if it has not I will just completely remove all traces of anything zone alarm related and try that..

Either way I'll post the results here within the next couple days..

How's ZA3 working for you sabass?
seems fine so far, its got a popup killer and cookie handling added, much tidier and cleaner interface.

nothing else has really stood out at me. Just hoping they tweaked enuff of the core code to repair it ;)

SubBASS (note the spelling ;))
Well.. I haven't had any trouble since my last post. I've dialed up a few times without having to reboot.. and right now my box is..

ùíù Uptime: 9hrs 26mins 21secs

Maybe I did reboot... Hrm... Damn memory..
well lets kep out fingers crossed.

Mine has just been reset about 20mins ago due to lightning knocking the electric off for a few seconds, so its reset me to start the 4days 20hrs or so from the begininng :((

oh well.

I've trolled around and Kerio Firewall seems a possible replacement, by the same folks who do winroute, just in case ;)

Just to finish off.

Took longer than expected cos I had to move the computers to another room partway. But, I'm on over 5days, and still have a fully woking dialup, seems like ZoneAlarm is the culprit as I'm now using Kerio firewall.

Fingers crossed its sorted then ;)

Thanks to all etc
i haven't had the problem since upgrading ZA either. Still using it though but it pisses me off so I'm either gonna disable it all together or get another firewall..

this seemed pretty easy...

almost, too easy....
I had the same problem years ago and it turned out to be that the modem ports were lightly damaged so it conected once in a while but sometime didn't, change the modem!!

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