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Dial up options



When setting up my network, XP asked me if the main machine was connected to the internet. I said yes to that, and now I'm wondering if thats why the computer keeps trying to log on on its own. If I cancel the dial up screen on the second machine, very often the main one dials up on it's own. What's that all about then?

What are the best options to choose when setting up a network using the wizard when connecting two machines (one a laptop) which both have access to the internet?

P.S. I cant print from the laptop through to the main machine's printer, even though I can see and select that printer as a shared commodity! Any suggestions?


When the network setup wizard asks if the main machine is connected to the internet actually wants to know if the current machine has to connect to the net through the main machine.
So everytime you request an external network resource WindowsXP expects to have connection open and available on the main machine, if not attempts to dial either on the main machine or the client you are using (depends on the internet options).
Check Control Panel\Internet Options\Connections Tab and choose there if you want your current machine to dial in the default ISP connection, to use network connection prior to attempt any dialing or not to dial at all.

Regarding your printer problems, check this thread

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