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dial-up on broadband?

I am looking to get broadband in the UK.
If I get broadband, can I plug a 56k modem into the telephone socket and get broadband and dial-up on different ISP's.?
The reason I ask is my brother has an old machine (486), cannot upgrade it as no spare slots, and he cannot afford a new computer.
I cannot afford to buy a router and network cards dont seem to work in his machine for some reason.
So would I be able to get broadband, while he receives dial-up?

Many thanks for your help


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If you're talking DSL, the answer is yes, cable, yes. BB and DU are apples and oranges. DSL runs on very high and very low frequencies on the phoneline, it doesn't affect the telephone line at all, so dial up is possible. Just make sure all of the filters are in place on EVERY phoneline except the one that goes to the DSL modem. Cable runs off coax cable and has nothing to do with phonelines, so yes. If you get either, they might have dialup connections included for free.


Yes on ADSL you can, The High/Low frequency thing is correct but you need filters in all phone sockets, your adsl modem plugs into one socket on the filter and the phone/fax/modem goes into the other.

Maybe you could share the ADSL over a paralel or serial direct cable connection?


Originally posted by gillmacca
im not to good on the technical side of computers, that is why I want this option if it is possible
yes its possible, DSL and dial-up are on 2 different frequencies and cable is completely run through optical lines in your cable wire.

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