Dial up modem and Vista x64

My friend has just bought a new pc and Vista x64 premium. At the moment he doesn't have broadband in his area until another couple of months. He has a Ambient MD5628D-L-C 56k modem(FM56PCI-AMB). Does anyone have a driver for this set up or does he just have to wait for broadband. On the other hand i have an old linksys router (BEFDSR41W), would this work with his dial up settings as he could connect it via cable which wouldn't require drivers????

Any help on this would be great....


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Assuming the modem is older (I have never heard of the manufacturer) and there aren't any updated drivers on the manufacturer's web site then I would suggest purchasing a new modem with known Vista drivers.
The ambient chip has been bought over by Intel, i have tried all the drivers including 98se/ME/XP/NT/2000. Just says not compatible with the x64 version.


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x64 Drivers for Vista are scarce at the moment - if you want to keep with what you have you are probably best off trying the 32 bit version of Vista


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Depending on what he wants to download he may be quicker just to wait for broadband!

Seriously though, I don't think the x64 editions of Vista will allow any non-WHQL drivers to be installed, so you may not have much of an option other than to buy a new vista x64 compatible modem or just wait for broadband. Is it an OEM edition? If not, it would be cheaper just to install the x86 version and use his existing modem until he can get broadband.

I don't think you could use that router with a dial-up modem. You could perhaps use another computer and set up ICS, but that's a lot of hassle. (And crap).

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