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Have got a strange thing happening when I dial-up, when I first turn the machine on I can dial up without any problems about 2 or 3 times, after that if i dial up my connection just dies, packets recieved sticks at a few hundred , and my browser returns the error cannot find remote server.
At first thought this might be a DNS thing but IP addresses get no joy either cannot telnet ping etc, it looks like a healthy connection but its not, the only thing that fixes this is a restart, nothing else and believe me I have tried seems to work.
At first restarting windows was not such a big ordeal, but now its starting to really piss me off, any sort of help would be much appreciated
Many thanks in advance
I have similar problem, but mine only arises when I switch ISP's. I am currently using same solution and I must admit, it does get a bit tedious having to restart.
Me too

I think this is the same problem I'm having. IE 6 will find a couple of websites just fine, then I get a "cannot find server" error as if my connection doesn't exist. But it does exist. It's right there. I hope someone finds the answer to this before I do something foolish like install Linux.
It seems to be Zone Alarm since removing it have had no further trouble
I had the same problem, but for me it was fine once I stopped using Zonealarm Pro and stopped it from starting up with Windows. Had no problems since, running Tiny Personal Firewall now...

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