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Dial-Up Connection & Fast-User Switching



My Dial-Up Connection used to always remain connected when I switched between user accounts using Fast-User Switching, but the connection is now sometimes lost when switching users. However, sometimes it stays in tact. It also seems as though the switch takes a bit longer than normal when the connection is lost. I've tried System Restore, but to no avail.

Any suggestions?



Taht usually happens when your machine is low on memory after running for a while the memory slowly leaks

Try doing it on a fresh boot and it will work
it's also possible that your computer is not responding to "stay alive" checks by your isp. so after a period of innactivity they are disconnecting you.


Thank you both for your help, but I still have this problem on fresh boots and within a very short time after I dial in. Here's some more information:

I tried System Restore, but it didn't correct the issue.

I have two user accounts set up on my system myself and my wife. We use Fast-User Switching and have 256MB of RDRAM.

When I initiate a dial-up connection on my account and attempt to switch over to her, the connection is lost. However, if her account initiates the connection and she switches over to my account, the connection is maintained. After the initial switch from her to me after she dials, the connection is maintained through a switch from my account to hers. So it seems that there is a problem when my account initiates the dial-up connection.

I hope that this additional info may help diagnose the problem.

Thanks in advance for your help!!


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