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Dial tone not recognised when dialing from abroad.




I manually set up a French Wanadoo internet account for my parents from the UK as the disk I managed to source wouldn't set up from the UK.

All worked well and before they took the laptop to France, I ensured the number to be dialled was without the internaitonal code.

They also have a Freeserve account and as they are between the UK and France all the time, this allows them to make use of local dial rates whichever country they are in.

However, once set up, the dial tone wouldn't be recognised when they were in France and indeed, having changed the Freeserve number for international, they couldn't access that either.

I have tried all the usual dial up network options, removing dialing rules etc but with a singular lack of success.

They are using WindowsXP, Office 2000.

Many thanks in advance.


I may actually be insane.
On the desktop Right click My Computer
Click Properties
Next click the Hardware tab
Then click the Device Manager Button

Scroll down to "modems" then it wil expand to show the connected modems.
Double click the one you use to connect and this will open a properties window (possibly after a slight pause)

in the properties, click onto the 'modem' tab, then at the bottom un-tick "wait for dial tone before dialing"

hopefully this will solve the problem as windows will dial the number regardless of the presence of a dial-tone (it'll also dial if someone else is using the phone :p)


Cheers fella.

I've forwarded it along the line - will let you know how they get on in June. Definitely new advice.

Cheers once again.


I may actually be insane.
No problem, It's something that I always remember, because I set up my uncles computer for net access and about 30% of the time it never recognised the tone (he has a really quiet dial tone on his line for some reason.. speeds are fine tho) so once that was set, everything was fine. :)

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